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(1992-02-13) (9.4M) - first time played as an opener

(1992-09-11) (dave solo) (3.2M) - First time played as dave solo

(1992-12-31) (10.2M)

(1993-03-12) (13.9M)

(1993-04-02) (31.1M)

(1994-08-25) (dave & tim) (9.7M) - selected for the Ants Marching promo and for the Dave Matthews Band promo disc

(1995-04-16) Warehouse fake into Ants Marching (17.9M)

(1996-10-01) (10.2M) - snare intro

(1996-12-29) (10.3M) - Dueling Banjos intro w/Roi and Boyd

(1997-02-14) (5.5M) - Dave & Tim

(1999-07-09) (10.5M) - Too much fake

(2000-09-19) (19.9M) - with Bela Fleck & the Flectones

(2003-07-05) (9.7M) - direct intro

(2004-07-13) (10.5M) - snare intro

(2005-12-15) (12.8M) - Dave wears huge sunglasses and a Santa hat during performance

(2006-08-05) (7.4M) - with Bela Fleck & the Flectones. Snare Intro

(2006-09-22) (14.8M) - snare intro

(2007-10-01) (16.2M) - Snare intro with Butch and Stefan playing the end of American Baby Intro

(2008-06-04) (17M) - Dave & Tim Intro

(2008-06-06) (15.8M) - with Béla Fleck on Banjo and Tim Reynolds on Guitar

(2008-07-30) (18.7M) - with Tim Reynolds on guitar; Jeff Coffin on Sax; Carter Solo Intro

(2009-06-01) (Too Much fake) (18.5M)

(2010-07-10) (16.3M) - snare intro

(2012-05-22) (13.9M) - Carter solo intro with the rest of the band offstage; snare intro

(2013-07-10) (11M)  

(2013-07-27) (12.4M) 

(2014-05-17) (8.5M) - acoustic; direct intro

(2014-07-09) (12M) - acoustic; Carter solo intro

(2016-11-01) (10.3M) - Dave Solo with with Carlos Varela's band (drums, bass, sax, piano)

Angel From Montgomery (mp3)

Any Noise, Anti Noise (mp3)