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Dave Matthews Band Spring 2009 Tour Dates on 12/15/08

UPDATE: 02/11/09

Seating assignments have been posted for those who purchased tickets through the warehouse.

December 14th, 2008


Dave Matthews Band fan's have something to celebrate this holiday season. DMB will be announcing Spring 2009 tour dates on Monday, December 15th, 2008! This is the first Spring tour that DMB has done since 2002. Dave Matthews and his comrades have been hard at work putting the final touches on a new studio album that is slated for a Spring 2009 release. It only seems fitting that they would tour to help promote the new album, but touring is far from uncommon for Dave Matthews Band.

All Warehouse members will be able to begin requesting tickets after the tour dates are announced on Monday.

In the Warehouse announcement on Thursday the Warehouse states: "This tour will mark the first time that Dave Matthews Band will perform songs from forthcoming studio album due this spring."

If you have been following Dave on Twitter, he has been giving fans tidbits of information from the studio. What is known? How much of LeRoi will be on the new album?  LeRoi spent time in the studio before his untimely death. Whatever material the band decides to use on the new album will surely honor Roi, and he will shine bright as he always has before.

Other notable Twitter posts by Dave Matthews:

"I am working fucking hard on some new music. Carter/Roi/Stefan/Tim/Boyd and I worked hard on the foundations. I'm busy with lyrics. Alive"

"I'm listening to some of the songs that we've been writing. I think I like this music very much. Carter is astonishing."

"I think it's cool to have tunes that are only live. Maybe we could make an album called live not live. Not today though. I'm busy."

"I think all the music on the next cd is gonna be new music. Just because"

Really Dave? As in no "Cornbread" or "Shotgun"? How about "The Idea of You" and what happened to "Break Free"? Since the 2005 release of "Stand Up" there have been a list of "new" songs played on the road. But as Dave said himself on Twitter "Just because something doesn't appear on the next recording doesn't mean it's gone." So what does "New" really mean?

What new songs will we hear on the tour and what will be on the album? Time will tell. Stay tuned...

Dave Matthews Band Spring 2009 Tour Dates will be announced on Monday, December 15th, 2008

Check back right here on for info on the upcoming tour and studio album...