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Dave Matthews Band finish up album in New Orleans


After the holidays, Dave Matthews and crew traveled down to New Orleans to put the finishing touchs on the upcoming (unnamed) studio album set for an April 14th release. They have been working off and on since mid-January at Piety Street Studios. Pre-production for the album had been done at Litho Studios in Seattle, not to mention other various stops in and out of the studio since 2006. DMB are now hard at work recording.

Since the twitter phenomena with both Dave and Stefan have been twitting little tidbits of information that have kept fans on their toes and excited for the new album and the spring tour!

Stefan Twitters on Jan 4th "Oh yeah, I'm going to New Orleans tomorrow. I have a vision, with Leroi in my heart, I want the soul of the band to shine! I am on a mission" and again on Jan 6th "Are you excited? Recording starts today! Oh, by the way, Dead Confederate and Kings of Leon are my top 2 bands at the moment"

Jeff Coffin, Tim Reynolds, and Rashawn Ross are in the studio with DMB contributing to the new album. Tim had worked on DMB's first three studio albums and will again be joining the band on the road this spring as well as Rashawn Ross and Jeff Coffin who had been filling in for LeRoi while he was injured and has been since his passing.

All will be part of the new studio album, but no one really knows to what extent and how much of LeRoi previous studio work will land on this album.

The ongoing anticipation of the album has everyone excited yet still awaiting answers to unknown. What songs will be on the album, and what ever happened to Still no updates with the album about 2 month away? hmmm...

Thanks to Dave and Stefan's twitter posts, they have been gracious enough to post pictures from the studio, most of which are of their gear. Dave mentioned the other day "I been playing different guitars. One looks quite a bit like a strat but Rob Cavallo had it made for me (I liked his)." Just yesterday he posted picture of many of the guitars he has been using, but does not say which is the "new" guitar.

Stefan also posted some pics of his gear a while ago as well as Rashawn Ross, who posted pictures on MySpace.

A beautiful picture of Tim Reynolds playing the Sitar was revealed the other day from a Road Crew members Facebook page. Whether it was mean to be seen or not, it has been creating a buzz around the DMB community and one can only wonder what sound this may provide on the album.

Updates will be posted here on as we await more information, but in the meantime keep tweeting Dave.