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Dave Matthews Band on Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen
In case you miss Dave Matthews promoting thier new album, "Away From The World" this week on Television, check out videos of Dave Matthews interviews with both Jimmy and Ellen and performances from the shows. Dave Matthews Band performed 3 songs on Ellen, 2 of which aired on the show and a mini-concert of 8 songs (not all airing of course) on Jimmy Kimmel.
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Dave Matthews Rolling Stone Interview

In the newest issue of Rolling Stone magazine (August 30th, 2012), Patrick Doyle interviews Dave Matthews. They briefly discuss the new album, writing songs, the “hardcore” fans, drugs, Obama, LeRoi and the future of the band.

Even as brief as this interview is, this is one of the most honest interviews we have seen from Dave in a while and he does give some interesting insight where his mind is in the current state of the world. This is a theme that seems to be the trending topic of the upcoming album, “Away From The World” which will be released on September 11th. 

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