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Dave Matthews Band on the Cover of Billboard Magazine


Dave Matthews Band is featured on the cover of the newest Billboard Magazine. The article includes an interview with Dave as he discusses the new album "Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King".

In the interview portion of the article Dave discusses his time in the studio with the band as they worked through the tough loss of LeRoi Moore, but worked hard to include him as much as possible on the album. LeRoi Moore is the first melody heard as the album begins. This "LeRoi intro" has been previously revealed with a promo video that DMB released a few weeks ago. Dave goes on about the excitement that LeRoi had going into recording, working to make the best record they could do. Dave recalls LeRoi saying, "We should be better in the studio than we are live."

Billboard also includes and 1 minute 54 second video previewing Big Whiskey. On the video you will hear the beginning of "Shake Me Like a Monkey" and a portion of the upcoming single from the album, "Funny The Way It Is". Dave, Carter, Boyd and Stefan talk about the new album and LeRoi Moore.

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In the written interview, Dave Matthews describes the new album as "optimistic" and having the overall theme of life, death and searching in the lyrics. He talks about the song "Dive In" as very dark and about the end of the world and "Space Man" being a love song.

The chorus of "Dive In":  "wake up sleepy head, I think the sun's a little brighter today / Smile and watch the icicles melt away / and see the waters rising. Summer's here to stay and all the summer dreams will last forever / let's go down to the shore and kick off our shoes and dive in the empty ocean"

Previously a number of track titles for Big Whiskey were revealed in a couple of Rolling Stone articles. Within the Billboard article another song name is revealed called "Cockadile" and is described to have a New Orleans vibe. 

Danny Barnes is featured on "Cockadile" and is also featured on the new album on a number of other songs including the first single "Funny The Way It Is" and "Skworm". "Skworm" was named as "Squirm" by Rolling Stone. Danny will also be joining DMB in Charlottesville on April 17th and 18th.

More and more news continues to leak out as we draw closer to the tour and the new studio album, due June 2nd. Just days ago, the official DMB website posted artwork which is thought to be artwork for "Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King". It is safe to say that there is more to come and soon...