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New Single Release: Funny the Way It Is


On April 14th, Dave Matthews Band fans got their first official taste of Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King, with the radio release of the first new single, “Funny the Way it is.” Both Dave and Stefan posted the link to the free download on twitter. The song features an upbeat rhythm with lyrics depicting some of life's paradoxes:

Funny the way it is,

if you think about it.

One kid walks ten miles to school,

another's dropping out.

Funny the way it is,

not right or wrong.

On a soldier's last breath,

a baby is being born.

Click Here for Full Lyrics

It's unsure how many new songs will be played on the Spring tour, but it's likely that this one will make its live debut this Spring. Just another reason to hurry up and get your tickets if you haven't already!

Adding to the excitement, Dave Matthews Band management recently released a two minute and twelve second studio clip featuring an amazing intro by Leroi, followed by a quick groove. With these amazing new releases, we can hope to see a full track list in the near future. Stay tuned!