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"Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King" Pandora Preview


The Dave Matthews Band has joined forces with Pandora and the Music Genome Project to give fans the opportunity to listen to “Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King” on May 26th, one week prior to the release date. While Pandora normally offers fans a chance to create their own radio stations, they usually begin by playing the fan's chosen artist, followed by similar selections in the same genre of music. This will be different in that fans will be able to choose Dave Matthews Band Radio, which will exclusively play DMB tunes.

By adding DMB Radio to your personal stations, you will be able to stream songs from “Big Whiskey” on demand. The new single “Funny The Way It Is” is currently available, while the rest of the tracks will be available on May 26th. Additionally, the new songs will be distributed to your current DMB and similar-artist stations, all provided by funding from Brita's Filter For Good campaign. Be sure to visit to check out these exciting downloads, as well, as audio and video footage from the studio, and other promotional updates.