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Dave and Carter talk about LeRoi and Big Whiskey on MTV news


While in New York just over a week ago where Dave Matthews Band kicked off the 2009 Spring Tour, the band took some time to do interviews around the city. Just this past week MTV News posted 5 short video clips from an interview with Dave Matthews and Carter Beauford.

During the interview Dave explained the story of "Big Whiskey" and how the name came about during a photo shoot in New Orleans. He tells the story of a man stumbling by during the photo shoot shouting “I need a big whiskey.” Dave graciously gave the man a 20 dollar bill and was on his way, to which Rashawn said..."Big Whiskey that’s a good name for a record".

Grux which is now known to be a nickname for LeRoi Moore, is also the first song/intro to the new album and was further explained in more detail by Carter Beauford. Carter say's that "Grux" or "Groo Grux" was a term used many years ago when he would jam with LeRoi in parks and would come up with "wild sounding rhythms and wild sounding grooves and tunes". Not knowing what to call the style of music they were playing, they simply called it "GrooGrux".

Dave Matthews Band new studio album, "Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King" will be in stores June 2nd and is a clear dedication to their fallen comrade LeRoi Moore. The album title, songs and artwork drawn by Dave Matthews himself clearly emulate the dedication and honor of LeRoi. Dave Matthews further explains some of the recording process and their relationship with producer Rob Cavallo. In previous Rolling Stone articles, Dave says that LeRoi is on a lot of the album and during the MTV interview, talks about how his presence on the album is not forced, using the song "Lying in the Hand of God" as an example of how LeRoi melodies flowed within the song. 


Watch all 5 MTV Interview clips on our forum with transcriptions. 

Dave Matthews Band are in full swing with the tour and have already debuted three new songs from Big Whiskey. The first single, "Funny The Way It Is", "Spaceman", and "Why I Am". Overall these songs have received positive feedback from fans and further build anticipation for the new album.

Dave Matthews plainly states to MTV news, "I think the records strong, I think it’s unapologetic, you know, I keep saying I can either play it for you or slap you across the face!"