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"Shake Me Like A Monkey" Now available via Itunes Pass


"Shake Me Like a Monkey" became available early this morning via the Itunes Pass which has been releasing new content every week. A video preview of "Shake Me Like a Monkey" was first revealed in the beginning of April where a group of 15 DMB fans lingered outside the New Orleans studio hoping for a chance to meet DMB.

Next Tuesday: Download of "Lying in the Hands of God"

Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King has been highly anticipated by fans and now with only 2 more weeks until the album release the Itunes pass continues to tease with bits and pieces of Big Whiskey.

Did you buy the Itunes pass? You still can, and while it might seem like an unnecessary extra $20 to spend there is more content on the way.

What's Available

The first single "Funny The Way It Is", "Shake Me Like a Monkey", artwork, and a few videos that will be also available with the DVD "Scenes From Big Whiskey" that comes with the album (if you ordered it that way).

The Videos

Coming Soon from the Big Whiskey Itunes Pass

Additional content from now through September, including:

Final 2 parts of Scenes from Big Whiskey, a documentary on the making of the record

Exclusive bonus music (including b-sides and live music from the band's Spring and Summer 2009 tours)

A live version of "Cornbread" with the album release

Two tracks in advance of the album's release ("Shake Me Like A Monkey" (05/19) and "Lying In the Hands of God" - 05/26)

A download of the "Funny the Way It Is" music video

A deluxe digital booklet of the album artwork, which was drawn by Matthews

Additional exclusive video clips.

Do you have the pass? What do you think of "Shake Me Like a Monkey"?