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Dave Matthews Band on David Letterman


UPDATE: 07/28/09 - Video Posted

The Dave Matthews Band will return to the David Letterman Show for two special appearances on July 27th and July 31st. The group has performed on the late night talk show several times over the years, including an outdoor concert on the roof of the Ed Sullivan building. What will be played is still unknown, although it is likely that “Why I Am” will appear on the set-list as it is said to be the next single to be released. We can probably expect other “Big Whiskey” favorites as well, and maybe a few surprises. You never know!

Coincidentally, the first time I ever laid eyes on DMB was on the Letterman Show in February of 1995. It's fantastic to see that after all these years, the band is still going strong and making new memories for old and new fans alike.

Watch the Broadcast - Part 1 - 07/27/09