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Sweet For Certain: In Memory of Satu Harris (1971-2010)


For days, I've been struggling with whether to write this article. On the one hand, I'm not the right person to do it because I never had the pleasure of meeting Satu Harris, but even so, her name keeps circling through my consciousness, making it clear that I wouldn't be able to write an honest article about anything else. So, please forgive my lack of first-hand knowledge about this amazing and inspiring girl, who has left a gaping whole in the hearts of the Dave Matthews Band community since her tragic and untimely death this May.

Since I didn't know Satu, I've done some research online, and found, that among other things, she was a mother of three, a daughter, a sister, a student, a photographer, a blogger, a colleague, and a friend to many. Video tributes show pictures of her skydiving, enjoying nature, and, of course, basking in the light of DMB. Many that knew her believed that her motto was to live life to it's fullest, and it appears that she did just that. In one of her online blogs she says this about herself: “Satu loves Dave Matthews Band. She has a job. In her spare time she enjoys enjoying her spare time.” Doesn't that sound like something Dave would say? In another spot she declares that when she's not “donning a bookbag or an apron (she) can be found making appearances as Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.” Not only does this give us a glimpse of her lovely and playful nature, but it's also fascinating since the name “Satu” means fairytale. And as in many fairytales, this beautiful maiden has encountered a dragon. But for the countless people whose lives she touched, her story does not end there. Fellow fans, some of whom have never even met her, are ensuring that her spirit will not be forgotten.

I've said before that people who love the Dave Matthews Band are like a family, and the clarity of this truth certainly comes through in difficult times like this. Witnessing the genuine release of affection for Satu makes me proud to be a part of a group capable of coming together to celebrate such a graceful life, even in the midst of despair. Reading comments from those who knew her, if only for a short time, illustrates the positive impact that she made on every person that she encountered with her engaging smile and gracious hugs. Times like this, I can't help but wonder why warm-hearted people are sometimes taken from this Earth so early, when we clearly need all the love that we can get down here. It seems that all we can do is learn from individuals like Satu, who teach us to live life with a clear mind, an open heart, and a delightful capacity to live in the moment. I am so grateful that Satu got an opportunity to meet the members of her favorite band. Undoubtedly, her life was short but sweet for certain, and she is now a butterfly on loving wings, forever dancing with the Groogrux King.

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