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Hey DMB Fans,

For the past 6 years we have been working hard to provide the best DMB content that we can deliver. This fan site which launched in 2006 has grown and developed through the years thanks to the grateful support of you, the fans!

2012 will prove to be no different for Dave Matthews Band and for We are boasting with excitement for what is to come for DMB this year. After a long "year off", (while the caravans were fun), we are happy to be back to a Summer schedule, and with the news of Steve Lillywhite in the studio making music with the boys again, someone might want to pinch me.

We share your excitement, which is why we have so much fun providing DMB news, pictures, mp3s & lossless downloads, and all the numerous giveaways for all fans to enjoy. This year will be no different, but we need your support to keep us doing what we do, and with your help make even better than ever!

So, what are we doing in 2012 and what's changing on

We will still continue to provide original articles and DMB content that is unique to dbtp, while still providing new content, annual giveaways as well as a new improved layout.

Since launched, the cost to run this website has increased and more $ comes out of our pockets to keep running. As a result we are forced to make changes, but with your support we can push to make even bigger changes to benefit everyone.

One of the key changes we are hoping to make this year is transferring all of our downloadalbe media (lossless shows, mp3s etc) onto our own dedicated server.

What this mean for you?

- We will be eliminating the need and extra cost for sendspace, which is what hosts a lot of media currently. With this upgrade we will be able to provide even more downloadable DMB content as well as faster download time for you and absolutely no broken or expired links and any time.

There will be a lot of time and hard work put into this upgrade and we are looking forward to providing this upgrade for fans, but we need your help!

We need your help DMB fans, to sustain and allow us to continue to improve. is gracefully asking for a small donation, so that we can continue to pay for the hosting and server fees that will allow us to continue to run this website.

I know we are all spending our hard earned money on necessities, like tickets, but even if every fan donated $5, that will make all the difference.

Please remember, we are a non-profit organization, and any donation made will be used for overhead costs to keep running and anything above and beyond goes one or a few of Dave Matthews Band numerous charities.

Donate by clicking on the link below or you can donate via facebook. is grateful for you, because without love, music, and the fans we would not exisit.

Thank you. See you on the road...