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News & Articles Updates: MP3 Downloads

newmp3page.jpg is in the process of updating every aspect of the website. During this overhaul we are updating and converting everything over to our own dedicated server. We are attacking one portion of the website at a time and this will be a year long task. 

For the past month we have been working hard to upgrade our MP3 download section of the site. DBTP is happy to present to you our newly update MP3 downloads

This is step 1 towards improving and organizing the website and making it easier to use. It is a long tedious process and we could always use help with hosting and server fees so we can pay the bills and keep all these features available to DMB fans.

Thank you for supporting and stay tuned for more updates.

What you will find in the new MP3 download page

- new links that never expire - sendspace is gone.

- even bigger selection of downloads per song. (nearly triple the amount than before)

- downloads highlighting the entire span of dave matthews band career. 

- easy downloading: just click a link to download (will save to where ever your default save folder is on your computer) OR "right click and save as" to choose where to save the mp3 download to.

- An MP3 directory linking you to a specfic song

- Updated Tour Highlights & Tim R. Solo: Coming Soon