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dbtp twitter 2.0


Sometimes change is good, others may disagree, but for a lack of better words, is making some changes this year. Hackers seem to like to have fun on twitter, and for that reason we have been forced to make a change with our twitter account. 

It is a change, but not a drastic change. @dbtp will now be @dbtp_org. If you were following us @dbtp, please click on the link and follow us now @dbtp_org.

Follow @dbtp_org

We hope that at some point we will go back to @dbtp, but for now the change had to be made. 

Nothing will change as far as the DMB content that we provide for you, and as always we will be tweeting DMB setlists LIVE! So don't miss out!

If you haven't yet noticed some other changes around the website, you will. Just yesterday we launched our brand new MP3 Download page. More and more updates coming to in 2012.