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Away From The World Album Cover

You can now pre-order the deluxe version of Dave Matthews Band 8th studio album, "Away From The World" on iTunes. This posted yesterday revealed the cover artwork for the new album. had yet to reveal the full cover, but has had tiny preview scattered about for a couple weeks now.

The itunes pre-order also revealed the 3 bonus tracks that will be included with the deluxe version.

- Gaucho (Hartford, CT - 5.25.12)

- Mercy (Bristow, VA - 6.16.12)

- Sweet (Cleveland, OH - 6.3.12)

The artwork itself resembles a lot of similarities to "Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King". Dave again designed the art work for "Away From The World" all the way down to a very (basically identical) color scheme. 

More info and artwork for the other version of the album is likely to be revealed soon. 

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