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Dave Matthews Rolling Stone Interview


In the newest issue of Rolling Stone magazine (August 30th, 2012), Patrick Doyle interviews Dave Matthews. They briefly discuss the new album, writing songs, the “hardcore” fans, drugs, Obama, LeRoi and the future of the band.

Even as brief as this interview is, this is one of the most honest interviews we have seen from Dave in a while and he does give some interesting insight where his mind is in the current state of the world. This is a theme that seems to be the trending topic of the upcoming album, “Away From The World” which will be released on September 11th. 

Dave speaks about his age and his struggle to write songs, “Nowadays, I have to dig a lot harder when I’m writing. I’m more critical. There’s a freedom to being young that is harder to come by as time goes on.

The new album which was originally planned to include some old unfinished material, changed when Dave decided to scratch that idea and hit the studio with producer Steve Lillywhite. They knocked out all new material which will conclude with the trippy 10-minute “Drunken Soldier”. Dave explains, “I’m still desperate to try and make something beautiful and not redo what I have done in the past. Its good work, but it’s not easy for me.”

He clearly wants to make the best piece of music and album that he can and he knows his fan base and is grateful for the “obsessed core”.

Probably the most intriguing portion of the interview was when asked “What about the future of the band?” Dave responds with, “I don’t know. There are two sides to everything. I feed this beast that I’m a part of, and in some way I worry that it loses legitimacy. Then there’s the other part of me that says I’m really lucky to be a part of something that turns a lot of people on and still turns us on.”

Dave seems to be speaking from the point of view to say. I love what I do, but I’m not 20 anymore. Some can relate to that even in their own lives. Clearly, stating the obvious, there would not be a new album in less than a month if Dave and the band didn’t love what they are doing and where they are at right now.

From a journalistic standpoint everything has to be taken with a grain of salt. Since the death of LeRoi Moore (which will be 4 years this Sunday), Dave Matthews Band have been working off the cuff. Simply taking everything for what it is, and not taking life too seriously and living one day at a time. Even after four years, the memory of his best friend never dies.

“He was a great friend of mine, so I don’t think I’ll ever get over that. I don’t think I’m going to stop having his presence in my heart.” This quote by Matthews can be assumed by the rest of the band and fans alike.

“Away From The World” starts a new chapter for DMB. Take it all in, and get ready for the ride.