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Live Trax 2 & 3 to get Vinyl Release on Black Friday


Vinyl has made a comeback and clearly DMB is jumping on the bandwagon and why not? Just yesterday they announced the next CD/digital release of Live Trax 27 coming November 14th and according to reports from modern-vinyl.comDMB will be releasing Live Trax 2 & 3 on vinyl on Black Friday (November 29th, 2013).

Live Trax 2 will come as a 5xLP set, pressed on 180-gram red vinyl and Live Trax 3 will come in a 4xLP, 180-gram green vinyl set. Both volumes are limited to 950 copies each, while being hand-numbered, as reported by mv.

Back in June Live Trax Volume 1 was released in a very limited black edition, selling out via DMB's online store in nearly an hour and odds are that will be the case this time around.  

According to Wax Poetic, these releases will be part of a "Black Friday Record Store Day" release in which it may (or may not) be found at your local record store on Black Friday. Until an official word from this will be unknown if it will both in store and online or not. Anyway you look at it, 950 is very limited, so if you what to get your hands on a copy of these upcoming vinyls, you better not hesitate. 

After all we all know, (especially those of us standing in line for hours) what happened at this past April's Record Store Day

Happy Listening!