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Live Trax 28 from Cville 2010 with DVD


Just shortly after the release of Live Trax 27, dmband announced the release of Live Trax 28, November 19, 2010. This was the first night of a two-night stand at John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, VA. These shows became a very hot ticket after the bands announcement that they would be taking a breaking from touring in 2011.

The boy’s played a very solid set that evening with good friend John D’Earth on trumpet on “Spoon” and “Jimi Thing” alongside “Trombone Shorty”.

If you hesitant to order this Live Trax, there are of course you various packages to choose from, but Live Trax 28 is the first ever release to include a bonus DVD. In addition all Live Trax will come with a Bonus “JPJ Extended Encore Trax Disc”, which will include additional tracks from night two, 11/20/10.

Songs included on the bonus disc are:

1. You Might Die Trying
2. Proudest Monkey>
3. Satellite
4. Say Goodbye
5. Song That Jane Likes
6. Why I Am
7. Granny
8. Last Stop

Live Trax 28 is available for pre-order and will ship on or around Dec 13, 2013.

Lastly while you may notice that the 2014 DMB Calendar is now available for pre-order at $14.00 each. Great news! Order a Live Trax 28 and you can get the calendar for $10.

Oh the joy! If you are crazy enough to go out on Black Friday, don’t forget about Live Trax 2 and 3 on Vinyl. Only in stores, on Black Friday. If you sang a copy we would love to hear about it. Good Luck and Happy Listening!