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Extremely Rare DMB Live Trax Vol 1 Blue Vinyl


This Saturday, (April 20th, 2013) was the annual Record Store Day, supporting and celebrating local independently owned record stores across the US and the world. Music fans lined up in swarms to grab copies of LP’s and CD’s.  Some reissues, but other very rare and exclusive releases which can only be acquired on record store day. This is what has made this yearly event fun which has grown in popularity with every passing year.

As a Dave Matthews Band fan and a music fan in general I look forward to this event every year and most who partake in this event normally go with a list with what it is they are going for. Every year many artists announce what they will be releasing for record store day, getting fans all amped up for the approaching day. Some are very easily attainable, and others are not, very limited and very rare.

If you are not a collector or even a fan of LP’s (kids’ ask your parents) then this might all seem kind of pointless and less than exciting, but when there comes to be a band that you like say, “Dave Matthews Band” that has a release that you like to obtain, than it’s a game changer.

For me personally, I am old school classic rock guy and could potentially spend hundreds on record store day, but we won’t go there.

This year Dave Matthews Band announced that they would be releasing a limited edition, foil numbered vinyl release of Live Trax 1: 12.8.1998 The Centrum Worcester, MA on 180 gram blue vinyl. Only 500 printed, which is an extremely small number.

Obviously as a collector, attempted to obtain a copy of this live trax vinyl on April 20th, but without any luck, we struck out. It turns out the stores that we visited didn’t even receive a copy, and the one store in our area that did have a copy (only one)  was turned around and sold online for $400. That is a damn shame if you ask me, especially for someone who is a true collector and not just trying to make a buck.

So we could probably rate this release up there with the one of the rarest DMB releases out of the gates.

It is also important to note in dmband’s announcement about the blue vinyl release:  “A 4LP box set and the first pressing will only be available at independent record stores.”

The mention of a first pressing eludes that there will be more copies of this vinyl made, however that does not mean it will be released in the exclusive blue vinyl that was distributed for record store day.

The only other release that was exclusive to record store day was in 2010 when they released the 7’ vinyl with the 2 –track Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds taken from the Las Vegas performances. This release was in many more stores, with multiple copies. Still a rarer find, but not even close to the degree of this Live Trax release.

It is important to support recording artists by buying their albums and equally important to support your local record stores. If you have not check out a record store, or taken part in record store day, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Hopefully in due time will be able to acquire one of those blue vinyl live trax to add to our archives. We will leave that fate in the hands of god. We surly will not be paying $400. Happy Earth Day!