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Live Trax 25 Release announced 05.30.06


The 25th release in the Live Trax series is the 2006 Summer tour opener at UMB Bank Pavilion in Maryland Heights, MO. Coming off the 2005 "Stand Up" tour in 2005 this show kicked off what would be a refreshing and exciting tour.

This show in particular feature a lot of great highlights, like the continuation of the rebirth of "JTR" which saw it first performance at the Jazz Fest just a month prior, but had not been play since the 2001 prior. In addition, songs like "Raven", "Granny", "Grace is Gone", "Don't Burn The Pig" (which the DMB page entitles the song as although it is actually just "Pig"), but we will go with it, after all we are fans of DBTP!

This show is well worthy of your pre-order, which you can do right now. There are various bundle options, including a t-shirt or poster.

If you want the most for your money you could go all out and get the full bundle with the live trax, t-shirt and poster. With that offer you can get that all for only $5 shipping!

Live Trax 25 will be released on May 21st, 2013 and will begin shipping around May 17th.