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Live Trax 26 Release from the 2003 Archive


Can you believe that nearly 10 years ago dates the next release in the DMB Live Trax series? It almost doesn't seem that long ago. Volume 26 is July 30th, 2003 from the Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Marysville, CA . 

2003 had a long list of stellar setlists and this show alone has had 3 individual tracks pulled from the show for official releases. "Pig" and "Digging a Ditch" on Warehouse discs and "Dreaming Tree" on the "Live at..." compilation disc.

This Live Trax will give fans the first "official" release of "Sleep to Dream Her" which is a very good version with LeRoi Moore. Not to mention awesome performances of "Minarets", "Spoon", and a "BOWA" opener to name a few.  

Per usual there are bundle packages available if you so choose, some with a variety of shirts with the CD and for the collectors out there you can snag a Steve Keene Wooden Show Poster Paintings, but hurry because supplies are limited.  

That's not a joke. Go now... 

Live Trax 26 will start shipping on August 2nd and will be released on the 6th.