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Blenheim Vineyards "The Boots" CD with a $50 Purchase

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Blenheim Vineyards is offering a FREE promotional CD with any $50 purchase during the month of July 2013. 

The promo disc is entitled "The Boots" and includes 3 tracks from the Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds show in Charlottesville, Va on August 20th, 2011

"Bartender", "Sweet", and "Lying in the Hands of God" are the 3 tracks featured on the CD. 

Blenheim Vineyards, located in Charlottesville, while known for their wine (which we recommend), will not ship this wine to all 50 states. But if you would like a copy of this promo CD you are not out of luck, you can still spend $50 in their online store on other merch and they even have $50 bundles available to purchase which will include "The Boots" CD with your order. 

In addition 10 randomly selected copies of the CD will be signed by Dave Matthews!