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DMB Fan Gives Stranded Dave Matthews a Ride in Hershey


On Saturday, July 13th, Dave Matthews Band visited Hersheyark Stadium. Prior to the show Dave Matthews had a little mishap on his pre-show bike ride and found himself stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire and no way to contact anyone. During the show he recalled the incident.

What would seem like the most unlikely of situations, became a dream for a DMB fan who came to Dave's rescue offering him a lift to back to the venue.  

As CNN reports , Emily Kraus, stopped to help Dave after her boyfriend spotted him on the side of the road. Her car conveniently had a bicycle rack, so Dave was in luck, but really for Emily, an opportunity of a lifetime as only most fans could imagine running into Dave Matthews by chance.

Dave, the humble man he is, graciously invited the couple for dinner. Then, backstage. And then, to front row seats to the show.

You can call it right place at the right time, luck, karma, but life has it's funny moments and surprises along the way. What a awesome memory this will be for Emily.  

You can watch additional footage on this news story here