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Are you feeling So Damn Lucky?


How many concert t shirts have you purchased over the years? Some are classics now, like the fire dancer logo, or the Caravan event. Some  proclaim  your love for the band with just the letters DMB printed across the front. T shirts are plentiful and personal ... We all have our favorites.

A site entitled FourTee 1 Design ( get it? 41 designs) has now come up with original Dave Matthews Band inspired graphic screen prints. They are artistic, original, and clever designs that any true DMB fan would love. Check out the designs on Etsy.   Search  Fourtee 1 Design.  Each shirt can be ordered by color choice, size, and design. The originality is like no other.

How great would it be to own one of these t shirts. When worn, it will be noticed! It will be a conversation starter among DMB fans! 


DBTP members are aware that we are continually trying to keep this site exciting and updated. Server/ hosting  fees are always a concern for us. A donation link is at the footer of our site and we accept donations all year.


An original Fourtee 1 designs t shirt will now be available for a $1 donation to one lucky member! You donate $1 ( or more if you feel so inclined) to DBTP today, and on 4-1-15 ( of course) a lucky member will be chosen to win one of these awesome shirts

$1 for an original, artistic, DMB inspired t shirt!  

No we are not kidding!

One entry per member, $1 donation and we pick a winner on 4-1-2015. 

Click on contest donation and good luck!  

Donation Links Can Be Found On The Side Navigation Menu.

Donation Links Can Be Found On The Side Navigation Menu.

And Also On The Footer Of The Page.

And Also On The Footer Of The Page.