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Let's not be greedy little pigs

 Picture taken by Jeff Coffin from stage 2014

Picture taken by Jeff Coffin from stage 2014

Can you imagine this?

You have been a fan of DMB for many years. You have all their CDs, you read everything you can get your hands on about the group, but you never had the opportuny to see them perform? 

DMB played for the first time in Mexico City this past week at a music festival entitled Vive Latino. It is a festival that is held annually since 1998. And from all accounts, the band was welcomed with open arms and appreciation by fans.  The festival was for multiple bands and DMB shared the stage with them. Unfortunately it was not a  three hour show like we have come to expect, but a show that was  a long time coming. Apparently, the band had canceled previous shows in Mexico City years before. 

When the setlist was released,however, there was a lot chatter about song choice, the shortened number of songs, and of course, what favorites were not performed.( by those not in attendance, I might add.)

We all have our wish list when we enter the gates the night of a show, we discuss for weeks what tunes we hope to hear. But imagine if you had never witnessed the live version of Crush, or Ants Marching, or Jimi Thing? Those are the tunes we would have on our wish list, right. ? 

Those of us who have the opportunity to see this band every year, more than once sometimes, we are the fortunate fans who revel in the thought of possibly hearing Halloween, or Prouest Monkey, or Minarets.  When we hear those rarer songs we are thrilled. We cross them off our list as finally being present during a "live" performance of a favorite.

The feedback from Mexico City, from those present at the show was "it was really great," "worth the wait," and "phenomenal!" The comments from others viewing the setlist from a distance was "they sure cut down on the time they played" or " why didn't they play  ______?"  

Let's not forget - this band we love, is touring every summer, adding and subtracting tunes every night, keeping it fresh for us- the fans- that attend every possible show we can. We are spoiled! Yes, we are. There is always the chance that we may hear Gaucho, Stolen Away, Raven, or The Stone. It's one of the reasons we keep coming back, right? 

So, congrats to Mexico City! They have seen and heard this band we love. They have heard their favorites, for sure. And we hope they can experience another show, soon, like we do. 

The summer of 2015 is approaching!  Let's be grateful for this tour and hopeful that we hear a song we have never heard live before! Chances are we will!