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It's a Joy Ride!

dave signing short bus

The planning stages are here!  DMB fans are flipping their calanders to arrange vacation time, looking for hotel reservations or camping sites and surely counting the days until the tickets are safely in their hands. After the venue is chosen and the tickets are purchased it's time to figure out transportation the night of the show. There are some whom may drive themselves and tailgate, some may be camping at the venue itself , but how about this? 

Rock&Bus is a charter travel bus that will be driving fans to DMB shows all summer. Check out then link for all the info.

Reserve a seat and meet other fans. No worries about parking fees, tolls or designated drivers.  24 busses are going to be available and pickup areas seem to be flexible.

Check out the site while making plans for the 2015 Summer Tour! 

Happy planing!  


Dave Matthews Band playing "Joy Ride" on 10-11-04.