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Enormous : The Gorge Story

gorge ampitheater

A movie, due to be released in March of 2016, is unveiling to the world one of the most beautiful and iconic music venues in the United States- The Gorge. The documentary is entitled Enormous: The Gorge Story. Many DMB fans can attest to its beauty and add many stories ( publishable and unpublishable , I'm sure! )  Never the less, the creators actually had reached out to fans to hear their experiences at the venue. DMB will be featured in the documetery as well as others who frequent the venue. For example, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison.

A Twitter account has been set up and those who sign up will be on a early viewer list for a pre-release trailer. Go to the Twitter account, google the title or search the web. There is a lot of buzz and video attachments of DMB that are classic!

Here's a sample of what  you'll find- enjoy !