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Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away

Where has the summer gone?  

We are down to the last 10 shows of the summer tour !  How time flys! There are six more shows here in the states before they head overseas and to Europe.  The European fans have been waiting for a DMB show since 2010.  They are headed to  Spain, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland, to name a few destinations. What a treat for fans in Europe to see DMB after so long! We, here in the sates, have been spoiled by Dave and the boys,,and it is not taken for granted either!  We are treated to tours every year! We count on it! Use vacation time and plan our summers around the tour dates.  Our family of fans are a grateful bunch . 

This week was the anniversary of the passing of LeRoi Moore. LeRoi was an accomplished musician prior to playing with Dave. He was a founder of a few jazz groups and offered Dave some instrumental arrangements when Dave was first starting out. After recording and being featured  in some tunes, Leroi , Carter and Dave continued on and created one of the most successful bands of our day.

LeRoi passed away in 2008 from complications of an accident. At LeRoi's funeral service  Dave stated, " He would put that horn in his mouth and make the most astonishingly honest music that could knock you over, and it would sink right to the middle of you." He will be forever considered one of the greats and changed the way a saxophone is perceived within rock music. He is missed by the DMB community and the music world.

As we end this summer tour, and send our boys, overseas, there is still much to look forward to. We have been teased with a few new songs this tour and the mention of a new album has been part of the chatter for quite a while now. We will see an appearance at Farm Aid in October, and Dave is involved and is to star in a movie soon. With today's periscoping community and  the await of new music, DMB will continue to stay on the forefront of our minds. The family of fans will chatter still, even as the days get shorter and the wind gets cooler.  We will support each other during "Dave- pression, keep the music alive with video of shows, talk of favorite moment this summer, and post pictures of friends we  have met along the way. We will lift one another up, spread LoVE around like confetti and encourage each other with laughter and good vibes. 

That's what family does.