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And What I Need Is All Around Me

Wow! That was a fast summer tour!  

Pulled from fan  

Pulled from fan  

This tour, with its same format as last year was, overall, exactly what DMB fans have come to expect. Long set lists , ever-changing lyrics, massive crowds, guest spots, awesome solos, and experiences that they will never forget!  We have had a great summer. Met new people, shared stories and heard some new tunes along the way. 

Having said that, this summer tour has been the tour of the "Periscope" ! 

This tour has brought about the opportunity for those at home to be part of the experience like never before. We have new terminology - couch tour, scoper, heart lines, just to name a few. We have had the opportunity to view the shows from different locations within the same night. Watching from pit, left stage, lawn...every angle showing us a perspective we may not have ever seen before. Our contacts have become more personal,too, with the scopers turning their phones on themselves.  We have met friends, watched drinking games, sat around campfires , listened in on pre show and after show commentary,  and been active members of trivia discussions that have take place along the way. Periscoping has allowed us to feel as if we are there, over and over again, living the experience .looking at different venues, the seating and views at various locations, and even camping set ups. Looking at scenery like the surrounding farmland at Alpine, to the majestic views at the Gorge-we are there, at every show , like never before. 

Now that the to a coming to a close, and Europe is going to be the fall destination for DMB, we will be hopeful that our new way to be part of the show will continue. The opportunity for us to see the sites and hear fans from other parts of the world brings about a unity that is endless! Borders, languages, lifestyles and customs will be shared and connect our DMB family from around the world! 

It is at this time, that our thanks and gratitude go out to all those who have held up their phones until their arm were shaking, too those that used battery power up til it was gone, and especially to those who have given up a bit of their concert experience to give to others. A thank you should also be given for administration of periscoping groups, like the dMbCouch Tour at the PIED fan site, for posting direction, links, and helping newcomers get acquainted with this new way of concert experience. 

One can't help wondering what will happen next year. There are rumors that Apple TV will have a site, or even some restraints may appear. We, as a group of "tape sharers", "audio only" and "word of mouth" DMB lovers, once again are in on the newest way to share this band with other fans. Those who may not ever be able to have the chance of seeing this band live now has a way!

The stories will continue about how this group, The Dave Matthews Band, with close to zero radio play , still brings out more fans than any other. We are again paving the way to new ways of experiencing DMB. 

Rock on, my friends! DMB fans are like no other!