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Hold on Tight


In one week Dave Matthew's Band will begin the second leg of their anniversary year summer tour. August 26,2016 they will begin in California and end on Sept 4, 2016 at the Gorge in Washington. This tour, has so far, given us new songs, a full night of electric tunes, and has proved once again to us all that the music and the memories we make are what pull us back every year. 

Having said that, what is the plan for 2017?

The announcement of a year of no touring  had us in a panic but now there has been some ripples of what might be in store. Of course we are all expecting a new album. There were songs played last year during the tour and the new tunes this year, if put all together,  could probable make up an album all by themselves. However, in all probability, the  band will probably serve us some never before heard tunes too! 

There have been a few announcements about the projects that some of the band members will fill their time off with. Boyd Tinsley is promoting a band - Crystal Garden - all over his Twitter page. Already there has been shows and periscoping for those who are interested. An announcement that they will be playing after N2 of Berkley and after N1 and N2 of the Gorge has many looking forward to his project with this band.  

Tim Renoylds and his group T3 are hitting the road this fall beginning in October. Check out his official website for details.  

Jeff Coffin just released a pre-order of his latest album -  Sometimes Springtime- and continues to sit in with many artists. Jeff also teaches and has workshops that enrich and inspire many young musicians throughout the country. 

On September 11, 2016 at 10:00 pm on TNT the Dave Matthews Band will be highlighted on a Music Star's Intimate Hometown Performance. The Charlottesville, Va show will be shown in parts and it will feature stories from the local community profiling some of the people who continue to impact the band members lives and music. 

Dave will once again be at Farm Aid on September 17, with Willie, Neil, John. Also scheduled to appear will be Alabama Shakes, Jamey Johnson and Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats just to name a few.  

Will there be a Caravan in 2017? Will there be a Dave and Tim acoustic tour? Will there be a Dave solo album? What would you like to see? And where? Many questions and many opinions will give us something to talk about during the year ahead. There will be rumors and speculation and leaks as to what may be awaiting us. The fan pages and will stay on top of it all. 

But for now, we have 7 more shows. We have more shows fly to, more campgrounds to inhabit. We have friends to meet up with and carpools to coordinate! We will p eriscope for those who are at home  and look forward to heaven's amphitheater at the Gorge . Which we all know will be magnificent , as always. To those who will be catching any of these upcoming shows, seize the moment. To those who are done for this year, savor the memories. 

Hold on tight to what you think is your thing... And make the best of what's around.