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Here at, I am well aware of all the requests that have been coming in for shows and other Dave Matthews Band related swag. First, I would like to say I am sorry for those who have been waiting patiently. I want to assure everyone that the site will be updated in due time, but the reasons for the delay’s is because I do not have enough help (volunteers) to help keep the site updated on a regular basis, like I did in the earlier days. Thanks to our DMB super fan Jean Marie, she has been brilliant at keeping our social networks (specifically Facebook) consistently updated.

It has been somewhat of a slower year as well. Dave and Tim toured a bit in Europe and the US and there have been a few Live Trax and DMBLive releases to keep us busy, which will be on our disco page soon. Not to mention that massive Warehouse exclusive LP Box Set. Pricy, yes, but, did I get one...duh, of course I did.

So what’s next for Dave Matthews Band and 

By now I am sure you have read Dave’s interview with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that Dave has been enjoying his time off and has plans to return to the studio with the band in the fall, with plans for a NEW STUDIO album early 2018. The KeyBank Pavilion will also be the location this year’s farm aid with Tim Reynolds this year on September 29, 2017. First the only full-band show of the year will be a benefit show for Charlottesville.

The rest of the band has been keeping busy as well, Boyd has been touring with Crystal Garden, Carter and Jeff played Jazz Fest, and still has a number of side projects, so check them out!

So that aside, we are now at that time of year when dues are needed and what a crappy time to ask for money, especially in these though times in our country. Hurricane Harvey and Irma have been beyond devastating and no words can describe the amount of time and money it will take to restore the cities and towns in Texas and Florida. If you are a victim of these natural disasters, my prayers are with you.

I have donated and I hope you have too, and if you want to make a donation to this cause you can do so at the American Red Cross or the “Hand in Hand” website has a phone number or even a way to text to donate. Dave Matthews performed “Mercy” at the live televised benefit.

In addition, we are looking for volunteers for (but people who are able to help us on a consistent basis (*if possible*)

What are we looking for?

  • News Article Writers
  • Original Writers
  • Media Organizer
  • Someone to update Social Media Pages
  • 1 person each for Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

If any of these items interest you please use our Contact page to inquire about any of these volunteer positions.

Last but never least, I wish I was JJ Watt, but I am not, and we are at that time of year where this site is need some funds to keep on kicking. This includes our media and yearly hosting fees which are approx. $400 total, but we need at least $200, by mid-October. Again, I know this not the ideal time to be asking for donations, but if you use the site, every little bit does help and we are very grateful for any donation made. We hope we can get more people on board in the coming months and you will see updates more often, making the rest of 2017and 2018 a very exiting year!


Thank you, and God Bless

Chris –