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Grux Coloring Contest


So a lot happened this year without the typical summer tour - recap coming later. Today we have a little contest for fans where you can win a FREE copy of the upcoming Live Trax 44 with the First Time Ever Blu-ray, with the 8-track Encore Trax. In addition we will throw in the 2018 Calendar. We know there are plenty of creative DMB fans. How you color is up to you...

To enter:

  • Download the Grux album cover.
  • You may print it out and then rescan to submit, or use a digital app to do the work, etc... 
  • Deadline to Enter is November 30th. Entries will be voted on by peers. Winner will have the live Trax shipped on or close to the release date.

How do I submit my entry? 

Do you use any of our social networking sites? Now's the time.

Message us with your entry on any of our social networks (facebook, twitter, get the drift)

don't burn the day...