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The biggest game in football is this Sunday but for DMB fans itโ€™s the night before that they are waiting for! 

The guys and their fans better bundle up for an outdoor event that will take place in Minneapolis- Pre Super Bowl Event. This is not the first time the band has played a pre Super Bowl event , however being outside , in the cold, is not the norm for these guys. One could look back at the Olympics show, with coats, hats and gloves ( fingers cut out ) to get an idea as to how they will look this Saturday on stage. This Summer Tour Band will definitely give the fans a great show but the appearance they will have will give everyone a different vibe than mid summer shows. The fans arenโ€™t complaining though. They are aching to once again see this group together after the year off that had finally come to an end. Dave and Tim gave great performances all year, but the fans have been longing for all the members to get back on stage together! And Saturday night the will. Winter wonโ€™t keep Dave Matthews Band fans away! 

Pass the hand warmers! Rock on!  

In other news- Warehouse members were confirmed for tickets this past week. Check the website for info and boards for trade and for members who need to sell their tickets. With the tickets , the new album will be part of the package and the anticipation for new tunes is exciting and very welcome. 

Summer is in sight! Can you feel the sunshine yet?