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Counting Stars Against The Black
When people ask me why I love the Dave Matthews Band, I rarely even know where to start. One thing I inevitably end up mentioning is the way that every time I turn around, the band is contributing to another charity event or production. This Mother's Day is no exception, with the boys offering a live version of "Sister," to the "Every Mother Counts CD," a compilation disk aimed at bringing awareness to the high mortality rate of mothers around the world.
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Music for Action offers Free Bonnaroo Comp featuring DMB has teamed up with HeadCount and the NRDC Action Fund and are offering a FREE "Best of Bonnaroo" download compilation featuring Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Pearl Jam and Jack Johnson among others.

The 06.10.05 performance of "Rapunzel" was chosen for the compilation. To download this free comp, music for action is asking everyone to submit an original or pre-written email to your local senator.

In June, the House of Representatives passed legislation to cut global warming pollution, build a clean energy economy and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Now it is up to the Senate to pass a similar bill and more than a dozen Senators have yet to say how they will vote.

Make your voice heard and download "Best of Bonnaroo"

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