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#40 (Lyrics)

Original lyrics to #40. This song is also know as "Always". Probably on of the most teased songs in DMB history, however Dave has played somewhat of a full version through the years with the most recent performance being on 06.21.08. The are almost always inconsistent.

Other Working Titles: Always. You Can Do It


i've heard you once. you know you're quite loud, mate. you're the first people that've ever heard this, i hope you don't mind.

crane won't turn away
i could say
staring over the sea
and sea will wander away from me again
i'm captain of this ship
with my knees bent from the hip
danger waiting so

i don't know
we said it's all i did away
you sat and stare
but i can't find the way, baby

and sign alone 'fore they wave
tear the leaf off
the tree falls my way
and my hands pave the veil
and i come out
i'm running from the start
to the end of the street

so then
here we are again
you're my friend
you're, you're my lover
so we will say again
i've no time for you
i don't care
it's all the same
the songs the same
games we play

find a stand away
till we fall
find a way to love you, wait
till we meet and we go in
and i'm tired
for the fire, fire setting
and a wasting away time
so rare
and then spend it wisely we'll wait

fall there, yeah

walking the wire
coming out of fire again
yes sir
some light fall away
tell me straight
in a love
for i wait on you oh love
tell you why
it's time to walk away this way
fall babe
hold me
call me

Share the time again
I spend with you
A friend is always good to have
But a lover's kiss is better than angels raining down at me
I dream of you at times when you're by my side
Dream you're not just like you are
So troubled and doubling my pain
Just one more tear
You shed for me
I wish I could climb inside your mind
And spend some time and hug and hold you
And mold you into what I'd like
But no I can't do this
Just a kiss to spend a while by you
And your familiar smile and voice

I lay awake
Then you lean back and smiling
On you
Most everything you do for me, I say
And the while let's make our way
And feel warm
In the middle of this storm with you
Like an angel

Oh, what the friends say is good, is right
I say
When you were again
And you were my friend
Before the lie
This one
Say yes I do
And with you

But while I do my best
With all the rest I leave to you
Can't wait for the hour
And when two things become this
All this trouble from a kiss from you, I'll do it
And when you come up smiling
And I'm thrown
Into I get a little storm with you, I'll do it
Lover, line up and yeah
The road to you is long and I've been on it for a while
And a need a warm embrace
I'll take a break
And say I want to leave you awake


I feel tired...


so you will again
tell it so
fired and leave me our way
so you go
and run away again away
I'm okay
I've got tired of holding
wanting with you babe

so this life fading away up and quietly
from my well, from my hand
my lover say why then wait
i'll find a way to you
a way to you
i see it's wait a little while
and I'll be back
i'll give you comfort late at night
when times aren't bright
nor are they dark the way I leave it

i'm okay
so say that I will and then i will [? squeal / scream ?]
let the real light and find me
when i'm drunk
so for the way, silly, silly
and the time by fire here raging
then [???] extreme in it little

up the stairs to find our love on the way
nothing is sacred lying or walking
oh well i'll lie the will away but its okay
its all a little while away, yeah yeah love
more than time will tell your way
tell you friend
turn to me if you need it
i'll be the the same as i've been all along
[? we're the will ?] the love eyes rained
turn to leave like i'm [? all there ?]
and i am graced that our foolish refrain
lover, lover
and when time leads me back here
and i'm rolled and forced with fear in me

my lover a while
you're [?] there and back
a minute walk away yeah, I
[???] out love and say
there's nothing greater than this
while i will again
and so my friend
and we would say

we i turn again
and see you call me awaiting for
to see you [? later ?] the favor


save the light away
don't shine it down
on me too much, i'll fold away
grace return
the moment i find love
i'm sent to hold the fire
it grows higher
there's no way

and so i lie awake
i'm okay
just for a time
to be with you
down you'll rest with me
full of light calling on
sit and wait
while we begin

and believe life
I fell away
and I go
turn which ways
sprayed with it
and the time spent, our waiting
and so we grave
coming faster than fast could be

how you do
you smile like a fool
with your hands
life is love
oh lover
lay my hand away
lift me up like
like I wanted it
I will fight

grace she ran away
tell her stay
break her heart
each day that passes by
oh while you spill it out
and spill it all
the rays made of it
we'll lay, lay here
for a while
I'll fall onto you
why you gonna call me...

and believe
that I would fight dear
and go straight
for the boy ya see
and like light
i'm falling
falling fast
much faster than fast
but crawling

I'm still falling
for you
breathe mine
it take a while
it take time
to take you there
love love
this way, way again
oh say faster

oh say
poured my way
warring to you
grace again, again
to tell
call me
oh yeah light
tell me again to last


sail my way again
oh you do
as time comes ticking past
you will
say it's fine there for you
but I know that
nothing is standing
as time we take for granted soon
even though we're
gone away forever
but I don't know

can I tell you
all the things you do
I hold so near
nothing comes away dear
but love
should you find it out
I'm going up again
I wanna see this
I wanna love all the time
I left you
say why am I
to stay there

oh believe as this time grows
I do
I turn and face away..
and the life I go back to
I hold there
the finest of dreams to me
as you
say I
sailin' away
I walk past
I won't leave
without saying

silently I will
I'll be your friend there
and I'll wait yeah
for leaving
and then remember that light that shines
light will shine down on me
say you will light me again

and believe that I will be
never too nothing
just like you
and like here
she will be
when the days pass
busses do
so be quiet and lay down
and then I will

oh my lover
say there's no other
in the world I
I'm gonna shake your hair
and then walk, lover
and leave you
and you will lay there
lay there, hey love
life, love
I breathe and say this

and when you leave
a little quietly there
you say the same
again and again
to me
oh I love I leave her
again I say
won't you?


Send my hand away
So ive lived
Time to turn me away
I see
Lead me on the way
Im ok
And I think of all the things we tied ourselves down
within those days
And snuck and played with them
Give again and hope that youl stay here with me I
wanna see you
Well I wanna lie on the beach?
And we leave back and and lay hands
So crisp and the childs hand to be only this
And away my hearts a fire
Favor of me everythings season be always
Well I will

Well you say your hair will a liar I make of me a fool

But I swear this wine about you?
way back oh yeah
Say Im of all these sadists(over excited)?
These places feel fear?

Drink again to you
Drink with you
You share a little time with more than laughs and
smiles of about a little love
We sail away
we do what we do
I spend my hours with you oh there
And what we like I give you
Hopeless love
To hope you through me friend this time
And we leave this place crying
For more of this the same
Wondering mindfully is this

Well the rage of I
I will oh I wont belive
I wont lie
Lie to me your hair will
Lie and see you wait
And again for you

Nothing new but say yes


Slowly walk away
Oh my Friend
Turn your eyes away from this
and wonder why
I shy away from seeing you like this
And a kiss from you is better than a thousand angels falling round me
like rain drops forgive me

So impressed by this way of finally holding life Every dream you had is
coming true but I stand by watching through jealous eyes and wondering
where's my place with you Whats it do to me to know wonders while away
and we leave like I came here and in your hands remember the quiet
we had with this angel and I know while I try hard to find the time
you've got none here for me my friend but I always...

maybe its that
once in a while that I am always here
made the most of waiting but I fall
my lifes filled with you
say trying to do your best
and all the rest deserves of you,
but Im not taking it anymore from you,
take it back with you Ill take
all the well why didn't you take
every bit of this I spent
you steal away
everyday that feels good for me, oh im tired why should I be here
waiting while you walked tall and strut all your things for everyone to

I gonna to say this, im gonna say this
im gonna say
the grace is falling back to me
why would you take
ask again
why would you take


share the time again
i spend with you
a friend is always good to have
but a lover's kiss is better than angels raining down on me
i dream of you at times when you're by my side
dream you're not just like you are
so troubled and doubling my pain
just with a grin or tear
you shed for me
i wish that i could climb inside your mind
and spend some time in there
i’d hug and hold you
and mold you into what i'd like
but no I can't do this
just a kiss
to spend the while by you
and a familiar smile and voice

while away
then you leave back and smiling
on you
most everything you do for me i say
and the while let's make away
and feel warm
in the middle of this storm with you
with love and through

oh well
oh the friends they say how she’s good while she’s right
i say and if when you were again
when you were a friend
before the lie lie
this one i say
say it oh yeah
yes i do end with you sometimes

but while i do my best
but all the rest i leave to you
can't wait for the hour
and when two things become this
all this trouble for a kiss from you i do it
and then you come up smiling
and i'm thrown
until i get a little storm with you i do it

oh love lover line up well yeah
found if us abound
if leave it you go
oh well i was stole
oh well i'm rolling
the road to you is long
and i've been on it for a while
but i need to rode away
i'll take a break

oh cause i dont want to leave me away

and you are
all there
i’ll give in
and feel


Sail away again
only friends can understand if you don't
call me right some time
and while the hours pass you
and you're cold and gray

So I ask you now
with a lover's stretch
a kiss is worth
a thousand angels dancing in my head, playfully
flying well away
finally said,
"hey don't mess around with that sweet one"

Fly then away
then you take me light over and I'm cold
and I'm turned chilled to the bone for you, baby
then you ask please you stay by
by side awhile
then 'til the bus rolls by ___
rage is, falling
follow I will
I'm beginning, golden
rage you will be passed
and you go by and I think again

What it is to love
and what it is to take
from someone who's giving when it's raining and
well I don't care much for war
but oh a kiss will do it all for me
thousand angels couldn't fill me, no

So why should we rush?
headlong into this violence
that rolls by
and still kiss you and I away the hour
and I spin through my life now
and wonder how
how I wouldn't spend our time better
if we all just kissed away our lives

Man I won't lay a hand by ___
oh said, love is wild, wild ___ be
will be
well I won't wander away, falling
come again with request of me, calling
and I beg, ??yes you'll?? play for me, always


On my way in time
Thought of you
Thought I'd try and squeeze the words out to describe how I feel
but you belong with him
like time itself
tell a strange man what the sky is like
I can't know why
I can't know why
How could I lay
and tell it all
to a man that's blind now and looks to see a candle flame
It's strange

And so I'm here with you
and all I do is pray
that I won't be without you any time soon
what men'll do
I dream the way the light is here

Take me as I am
A well flowered man
oh, but time will climb up your ladder to your hand
but I will tell no man
dream as you might fly
fly off with
dream you are again
my good friend
oh how a lover makes me want to die out
die here and fly
So I wring the water while it rains.


Tables turned again
you, my friend
I hold you there
told you so many times before what you meant to me
you should not defend
'cause I understand before you say a word
I'm not a stranger
I can always tell something's on your mind

always remember you and me
make me smile
yes, I swear you do
after all these years
I still get a thrill from you
and I believe I will
always, always

years begin to show
recover slow
two kids have grown
nobody could ever know me quite like you do
tables turned again
you my friend
look like you could use a hand
you used so many times before
?and then to time yeah?

Get together you and me
a drink or two
and soon you'll see
the light at the end
coming too soon my friend
make me smile, I swear you do
I always will
I still get a thrill from you
and I swear that I will
always, always, always

#, alternate lyrics, unreleaseddbtp