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All Along The Watchtower (Bob Dylan Cover) (Lyrics)
"Watchtower" is one of the all time most played encore songs. The band is thought to have been covering this song since their first show ever. Dave was known to have been covering it solo since before the band came together. The song became an early favorite and many old school shows where the crowd would scream "Watchtower" throughout entire show. Watchtower is one of the most guested songs and features many popular jams. It sounds hardly anything like Bob Dylan's original or the Jimi Hendrix cover. The song even has evolved over the years, dropping a verse, gaining a Stefan Solo feature intro, and a high note during "the wind began to howl". - dmbalmanac
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An Another Thing (Lyrics)

This is essentially the same song as Little Thing. The name seems to have been changed to "An' Another Thing" at the last minute before the release of Some Devil, as it was called "Little Thing" in the initial press release, and a picture in the album's booklet shows that it was referred to as such in the studio, as well.

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