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Dave & Tim shows picked for Live Trax 23 and 24


Both Live Trax Volume 23 and 24 will feature Dave & Tim shows. This is the first Dave & Tim show(s) released in the Live Trax series. The shows that were chosen are true gems and worthy of any fan's collection.

They are being sold separately or in bundles, which also includes the 2013 DMB Calendar (which can also be purchase separately) if you choose.

Live Trax Volume 23 is from Durhan, NH performed on 02.19.96. This show is very unique and has a lot of highlights that will keep fans happy. Some notable items to look at is that this is the only Dave & Tim show that Dave performs "Hold Me Down" out of a total of only 3 performances total prior to that, and never played again since then. "Weight of the World" was also played in this show though labeled "Leave Me Praying", basically one in the same. Also covers, "Is Chicago, Not Chicago" and "Tangerine" performed in this show, which both get their first official release.

Live Trax Volume 24 is from Spartanburg, NC performed on 02.08.97. Another solid release and a first time official release for songs "Dreamed I Killed God" and Tim's "Letting Go". This is also the first Dave & Tim release of "Let You Down" and "Captain", which at the time was more of the titled "Crazy" version(s) and not the more completed version that you hear later in 2000.

All in all two outstanding Dave & Tim shows and excellent choices for the Live Trax Series, and we strongly advise pre-ordering a copy today. Orders will ship on or around December 10th, so don't delay!