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New Song "Gaucho" Available for Free Download


Some may have received "A Note from Dave" which came through as an email via the Warehouse & DMB newsletter. The new song is entitled "Gaucho" and is likely first single of the still untitled album. 

"Gaucho" is available for FREE via dmband's website. If you received the note from Dave then you already have the download code needed to download the song. If you did not, don't worry, just submit your email to get a copy of the new song!

You may also note that the album is due for a September release, likely after the tour.

So what will we hear on the tour. It seems clear that this new song will debut and who knows how many other including "Mercy" which debuted on the Jimmy Fallon show. 

The tour kicks off tonight, so if you weren't already excited enough, here is another reason to be.

Enjoy the new tune!

Download Gaucho Here