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Where You Are is Where I Want To Be

Group shot

Group shot

Benvenuti in Italia! 

Willkommen in Deutschland ! 

Bienvenido ae Espana!

Ben vindo ao Brasil !

And off they go!  We all want to go! Right? 

Safe flight! 

Safe flight! 

The European Tour begins October 8th and for many DMB fans , this will be the first time they will experience a live show. It's hard for many of us in the states to imagine that feeling. We have thankfully been given many opportunities to see our favorite band perform. They tour every summer, they appear on late night talk shows, some members have joined college music classes to help share what they know and other band members have appeared at charity events that are important to them. And we are able to go to as many as we chose to see. As many as our bank accounts allow. And as many as we can without losing our jobs! We are very fortunate. 

Our set lists, here in the states, have become diverse. We crave for the tunes that have become rarities, at our events. Last Stop, If I Had It All, Blackjack, What You Are, to name a few. Songs we have waited to hear live might pop up at any given show through the year. And  sometimes being part of a audience that is in sync with the band might get to influence them into added a song, unplanned and unrehearsed . Chasing songs we  have been waiting for is part of the experience. 

Imagine for a minute that you never heard Proudest Monkey, or Warehouse. As accustomed as we are to Crush, Everyday, and All Along the Watchtower, these might be firsts for our European friends.  We all know the excitement before a show. Just imagine what those fans are feeling tonight? Like us, they are probably counting down the days, making plans to connect with other friends at the shows and hoping to hear their favorites.

Chatter on the Internet has some fans saying they are going to try to Periscope their experiences during these shows overseas. dMB Couch Tour on Facebook will have links up and will help with connecting fans from the U.S. with those who are trying to share. There are also fans from the United States that  have decided to travel tomsome of the venues on this tour - so pictures and videos are sure to begin popping up. 

Europe is gearing up, fan excitement grows, and we will be patiently waiting to hear the reviews,see the set lists and maybe even watch a show or two along the way!

The DMB family extends to far and wide.

Wishing everyone safe travels, good vibes and the memories to last a lifetime!  


Off they go!