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Good times are the gold


The international tour is now over. The band members are all back in the states. The work on a new album will now continue and a much needed rest for all involved in the tours has finally arrived. 

The 2015 tour, both the summer tour and the international tour was such an unbelievable show of commitment from the band, it's crew, their families and all who were a part of it. Our graditute to all of them is immeasurable. To all of the guess we were privileged to see along the way, all the hours of tearing down sets, keeping everyone fed, driving equipment from town to town, flying the band members back and forth ... We thank you. 

To the fans who treated us here and from afar with periscoping, to photographers and tapers and splitters and video experts - we were kept in the loop in our living room couches! What a year it has been! 

The winter is rapidly approaching. The darkness of the night falls upon us so quickly, and the coolness of the wind,  rips at our cheeks with force. Davepression has landed on our shoulders and doesn't appear to be leaving us soon.  There are whispers of a movie, and the promise of a new album that will help us make it through these upcoming months. There are plenty of shows to watch on YouTube and if communication is needed, fan pages are all over social media. 

The holidays are around the corner and with that brings about family times and cozy fires. Special meals and fancy drinks to ring in the new year. And not too long after that comes the announcement of other new summer tour dates.  The planning and excitement will begin all over again. 

Until then, stay safe, rest with loved ones close by, and LoVE one another.