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This LoVE Will Open Our World


The year is coming to a close. 2015 has given us so much to look back on.  

We have had a summer tour that brought with it some new songs, a weekend in Alpine with a record set for the longest show, periscoping, a live telecast in Jacksonville, a special appearance to bid David Letterman ado. We had Dave and Rashawn appear on a special telecast for cancer awareness, a promise of visits to the studio for new tunes, Farmaid, a movie in Dave's future, and the boys traveled far and wide to meet with fans all around the world.

What a year!  

The most recent announcement that the band will be kicking off Super Bowl weekend in San Fransisco is pushing us ahead to start looking towards the next year. How many are beginning to look at the calander for 2016 wondering where they will be and on what dates? Money is being stuffed into jars on the shelf to get us to the destinations we have on our bucket lists. Maybe we will only be able to go to our home venue but the anticipation is still very real. 

We are a very lucky fan base. DMB puts out so much for us through out the year. It doesn't appear as though they are slowing down and we are a grateful bunch. Our need to gather, party, sing and dance with one another continues to pull us together and the tunes from DMB runs through our veins. It gives us a community with a common LoVE and mindset.  This band opens the world up to us through the interaction of fans both near and far and this coming year will be no different. 

So thank you, Dave, Carter, Stefan, Boyd ,Rashawn, Jeff, for the past year. For the music , the memories, the friends we have made along the way. Thank you for the lyrics that mean something different to each and everyone of us, as it should. Our life experiences pull out from the words what our souls need to power through.

This band is more than just the music... But we all knew that already!