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Hello Again

The wait was excruciating! Everyday the rumors were being thrown around as to why the summer tour dates were being held up! They were announced much earlier last year, and the year before that, we already had discussed, booked and all planning was decided on by now! The every day waiting, the constant checking on the Warehouse website , the annoyance of the numerous questions as to what the hold up could possibly be. Some made up trivia games to pass the time, others created memes describing how the wait was affecting the fans.

But as we have come to aspect , the poetry of this band and its management ended our wait by giving us the Summer Tour Dates for DMB's 25th anniversary year on the 25th of Janurary. A collective sigh could be heard! And then, as we read, an audible groan could be heard from miles around. "No tour in 2017," What? And together, we reread the announcement! 

As we waited with anticipation, we were relieved and then smacked with the reality that next summer will be quiet. There will always be hope of a Caravan that summer, or maybe even Dave and Tim will surprise us. But there will be no SPAC, no Alpine, no Gorge in 2017.  


Maybe they will be working on new material, playing parts in movies, or maybe their families need to reconnect. The past 25 summers were a gift for us and we all know they probably really need this time off. Our selfishness is palpable. So this summer, let's appreciate Boyd, Carter, Stefan, Jeff, Rashawn, Tim and Dave. Let's have a great summer. We must make memories that will carry us through for an extra year! We can do it! Even though we will be kicking and screaming the whole time!