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Go Door to Door Spread the LoVE


The 2015 Summer Tour is upon us. As of this posting we are fourteen shows into the tour and already it appears to be a tour with exciting things to talk about.  

As promised, fans have been given the opportunity to hear DMB guests. We have heard Brandford Marsalis, Emmy Lou Harris, and Warren Hayes, to name a few. These collaborations bring an added bonus for those who are in attendance, for sure. It keeps DMB on the path of evolving and develops a richness to what they do best- live shows.

There also is increase this year in interest of DMB posters that are published for each show, venue, and tour. The posters are printed, numbered and created by different artists. Many have been buying, selling, collecting and trading for years, but this year many fans have jumped into this aspect of the DMB experience. The site DMB Poster People on Facebook give info, trades, collects and searches for posters from concerts dating back years. There are some fans who collect poster from only the shows they attend, while others admire the work of particular artists. Whatever level of interest a fan may have, this brings a whole new dimension to DMB. 

It would be remiss to not mention the Periscoping that has been taking place this tour season. Fans are now using phones to periscope at concerts. On a site called DMB Couch Tour fans at the shows connect with fans unable to attend, to view- LIVE shows. This is a new and exciting happening among fans. Although there are interruptions and a few "bugs" to work out, this has great potential for  fans all over the world to become engaged in tours and events from their own living rooms. 

The Dave Matthews Band continues to pull us together, through music, art, social media and our family numbers increase. It's an exciting summer and we are not even at the half way point!  What else is in store for this tour? We will find out together and spread the LoVE.