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Last year the Dave Matthews Band played for two nights in Chicago, over the Fourth of July weekend. This year they will be in Saratoga Springs Perforrming Arts Center - SPAC.  Another group,with a history all there own, will be in the Windy City during the holiday weekend this year commemorating a special day for the band. The Grateful Dead will be at Soldier Field entertaining thousands for three nights. Deadheads from near and far, will be celebrating, dancing, and meeting up with old and new friends along the way. 

Sounds familiar right? With social media we, as fans, have had the opportunity to connect with one another Like never before in our history. We discuss our favorite band, We share videos, we debate which live version of a particular song is the best. We learn about those who are creative and have made everything from Tshirts to jewelry. From home decor to garden assesories. There is certainly something for fans who can't get enough.  There are those who have gone so far as to learn about one another, up close and personal. They have shared tragedy and triumph with members of fan groups who they have become friends with. They have donated to each other's charities, given each other advice, and have supported one another through sicknesses, the loss of loved ones and even just brightening each other's day. 

The deadheads have endured as a celebratory group, with music as its base. Freedom, peace and a hippie vibe is always in their forefront. Some fans have traveled from venue to venue, hearing different sets along the way, with no two shows being alike. The DMB fanbase is not too different than the deadheads, however, most would say that the under current of DMB  leans more toward LoVE, preserving nature, and siezing the day. We too,have a band that changes it up for us, the fans, every show. It keeps us chasing songs we hope to hear, the one song that would bring us to our knees.

The forth of July is just around the corner. Chicago And SPAC, in New York, will be hosting shows for thousands of fans. We will be a community of people who strive to make the world  a better place. We will be singing and dancing, meeting up with old and new friends, and LoVE will be in the air.

Maybe our renewal of spirit will carry us through to our everyday lives... Radiating our message to others. Maybe music is the way to bring a vibe of unity to one another. In a world so divided and unsettled , let's hold onto the feelings we have when we are in the midst of our favorite band and the friends we have made. Let's bring a sense of LoVE, peace, and siezing each day as if it was our last , to the world around us. Let's bring the feeling we have after this upcoming holiday, to the world! 

" So why would you care, to get out of this place, you and me and all our friends, such a happy human race."