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To Be Sure These Days Continue


Another season has come and gone. Goodbye to winter and hello spring! With warmer weather approaching it brings with it the sweet breath of another season of touring. In a little more than a month Dave Matthews Band returns to the fans who are desperately awaiting. Originally thought to begin May 11, 2016, the band recently announced, with an encrypted video, the tour will begin earlier. May 7, 2016, in a hometown Benefit concert, DMB will be donating all net proceeds to Bama Works Fund  in appreciation for 25 years of support from their hometown of Charlottesville ,VA.

The 25th anniversary of their first performance was 3-14-16. It was a benefit concert for the Middle East Children's Alliance and as luck would have it, Stefan released a recording of "Recently" from a cassette of that evening. 




It's hard to believe that DMB has been touring non stop for the past 25 years gathering friends and turning us into a family like no other. By now, many have made plans for the tour and are counting the days down until they can reunite with the band and touch base with friends from the years gone by. 

Dave Matthews Band has always been right at the forefront of social awareness over the years. They have, either as a group or individually contributed to many charities, have been involved in environmental concerns, raising awareness to farmers through FarmAid, and even been known to become supporters of politicians during presidential campaigns. With such diversity in the band, it is not surprising that the best interests of our country and its people have been on the surface of DMB and to Dave especially. He has written songs about global warming, given speeches at the Naturalization Ceremony in Monticello a few years ago and given his endorsement to Presidential candidates. 

This band is much, much more than music. Of course the music and its lyrics speak to the fans on a level that at times has no words to describe. It elevates us and brings about feelings that grab us by the throat and even punches us in the gut. But this band has been, over the years, nudging us, ever so slightly, to believe that as a group, we can bring about change in the world. Just ask a farmer who has benefited from the help of FarmAid. Or the charity that brought about awareness to Progeria, an aging disease that afflicted a fan. Or to the International Rhino Foundation that is fighting against poaching of 5 species that are facing extinction, just to name a few. 

The members of this band continually spread a message of LoVe. They raise awareness, and lift the spirits of many. We have been bound for 25 years together - for the LoVE  - for the music - and for opening up our eyes to the needs of other people, other animals that walk beside us. No matter how we may all feel about the issues of today we all can agree that LoVE for each other, for the animals, and for the planet are as basic as it gets and with the music of DMB as our soundtrack we are closer to a better tomorrow and another 25 years of dancin'!