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From a crowd 10,000 Wide- an open letter

Dear Members of DMB,  

photo by Jeff Coffin at Alpine Valley

photo by Jeff Coffin at Alpine Valley

As you are well aware, your fan base is huge and very diverse. There are some fans who can boast that they were around during the college, cassette taper days, spreading the word about this new band and it's amazing talent. There are some who jumped on the wagon years later and have crossed the country to listen and be moved by the atmosphere each venue holds. And still there are others who can only participate in one show a year, at the venue closest to their home town, but who wouldn't miss it for the world! 25 years on the road, in the studio, writing music that moves us, touches us all in different ways is quite an accomplishment and your fans are forever grateful. 

Over the past few months, we have had to say good bye to some huge music icons. We have heard and witnessed the outpouring of love and respect that others in the industry, as well as fans from around the world, have expressed in losing these talented musicians. But just like when one loses a family member, wishes of "if only" or "just once more" are heard by many. The media dives into the history of how the artist got his start, who influenced them and the artists of today that they have influenced, and even how they live thier lives when off stage. Stories are uncovered about thier philanthropy, the impact they have had around the world and how loyal their fan base has become over the years. We see hundreds of people paying homage by camping out in front of the homes of these musicians, singing songs they made famous, holding candles and reminiscing about what impact the music has had in their lives. 

In the case of your fanbase, it may be a bit different.

One message that rings loud and clear in Dave Matthews Band is how important it is to live today to its fullest. To appreciate and grab onto the things we love, and to seize the day like there is no tomorrow. Your fans know this and aspire to live this way each and every day. Your fans wouldn't need the media to tell us how this band started out, we were part of it! Your fans wouldn't need to dive in to see how you live when off stage, you live among us. Walking the same streets, visiting the same neighborhood parks, restaurants and bars. Your fans already know how you give back to the world through your charitable works and organizations. The fans of this band, Dave Matthews Band, are fully invested. No matter if they have traveled the world or drove ten miles from home to hear and be part of their celebration of life.

So, a you begin your 25th tour season, we want you to be aware of how we are all one family. A family that comes together to sieze each moment, to be moved by your music, and to celebrate each other and with hope that these days will continue. After all, ya just never know. 

With love and gratitude, 

your fans.