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Come Tomorrow
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Oh tour (joy) begin...


Here we go! Are you ready?

After a year of waiting, the boys are back! Well, kind of.

If you’ve been a long time fan of Dave Matthews Band you are well aware of some changes that have happened recently. Since we looked back on the 25 year anniversary we were reminded of changes from the past. Changes that we all made it through, Let’s remember! There have been times we only had Tim  Reynolds as a guest, now he is a regular. There were times when Butch was a regular, and now he not. There were shows we had the Lovely Ladies and other times when we went years without them. We’ve had numerous guests, Warren Hayes, Brandi Carlyle, and Joe Lawlor to name a few. And of course our biggest change was the untimely death of LeRoi and the transition with Jeff Coffin. But this year, another huge change for us is the absence of Boyd Tinsley. For whatever reason, an announcement made a few months ago gave the fans a shock and also some time to digest and discuss how DMB will look and sound without him. What did we decide?

An announcement a couple of weeks ago informed the fans that Buddy Strong will be along this tour playing keyboards. Keyboards? No violin replacement? We also have have seen some promo pictures without Boyd , without Buddy too. So at this point it looks as our core members will be on stage and everything is , well, going to  change. We have no word of Boyd returning and unsure who, if any guests will join us throughout the tour. It will give us all a lot to talk about this summer.

We also have the much awaited new album to discuss. We’ve seen the cover, the song titles (some familiar and others down right confusing! Lol ) Fans, articles, FB boards and the internet have been buzzing. We have been waiting , for 6 years, for an album. Now finally it’s here. BUT WAIT! Half of theses tunes have been played at live shows already. Most of us already can sing along. Well, this is different. Let’s remember though, a studio release can be very different than a live version- that we know for sure.

So let’s get this straight - a missing band member, a new band member , at least for this summer, a new album, with many songs we already know. 

Well one thing that is a constant in our lives and obviously in the world of Dave Matthews Band is change. Change is hard but so far we have come through it all , still following the band we all LoVE so much. Still rocking out to our favorite songs , meeting new and old friends along the way. Are you ready?

Let’s raise a glass to a great summer, filled with music, family and LoVE!