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Your Cup is Overflowing

Last Sunday, Dave Matthews participated in John Varvatos' Annual Stuart House Benefit. The event, held at Varvatos' West Hollywood Store, raises money and awareness to help children who have been sexually abused. This year, Dave assisted the foundation in raising over $700,000 for this worthy cause.

As Steve Baltin of "Rolling Stone" describes it, the day is full of family fun and relaxation, complete with a kids tent for the little ones.

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Dave Matthews will perform at the Blue Man Group Reunion

Dave Matthews will be joining the Blue Man Group on April 13th for their 20th Year Reunion Show, at Astor Place Theatre in NYC. The reunion will feature the original blue men and creators of the group.

Tickets for this exclusive show are limited and very expensive, but is a benefit for The Blue School located in Lower Manhattan.

Dave Matthews sang on "Sing Along" which was featured on the Blue Man Group's 2003 album "The Complex"

So if you have the $ you will be in for a great show and all proceeds go to charity, so it's tax deductible.

Watch "Sing Along" and share your comments.

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Best Intentions
When I was in college, I wrote a term paper on the social mores and norms of the people who followed The Grateful Dead. Minoring in sociology, I’ve always been fascinated by group behavior and the way in which cultural surroundings, including music, affect us individually. Thinking back to that assignment, what stands out for me were the patterns of sharing and generosity present between “Dead-heads,” and the fact that these same traditions exist among “Dave-heads” as well.
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Autographed Chair by Dave Matthews Band

Dontate today for a chance to win and autographed chair signed by Dave Matthews Band and help out a great cause!

Friends of Kids with Cancer, a nonprofit in St. Louis, MO received this chair signed by Dave Matthews Band. Joel Daly, former PA to Boyd Tinsley, works for Foamiture and had one of their items signed to raise money for our organization.

Tickets are only $10 each, 3 for $25 or 8 for $50. Dontate today, the winner will be announced at one of Friends of Kids with Cancer events on October 8th.

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