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Captain (Lyrics)
During the Lillywhite Recording Sessions, word got out that the song Crazy had been reworked in the studio. However, the song didn't turn up in the 2000 Summer Tour along side all the other Lillywhite songs up for roadtesting. After the demo of the studio sessions was leaked out to the public in the spring of 2001, the song finally surfaced in the following Summer 2001 tour, first as a tease, then as a Dave Solo feature. It was finally released on "Busted Stuff" with slightly reworked lyrics and played live with the full band for the first time on the day of the album release.
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Christmas Song (Lyrics)
This quiet tune started out as a Dave Solo feature in early shows, and was included in Remember Two Things as one of the Dave and Tim tracks on the album compilation. Throughout the years, this song has regularly been played during the the pre-holiday season, paying ode to the story of a man who had a profound impact on humanity. This song has always featured Carter on vocals and was recorded during the Everyday studio recording sessions for release on the Platinum Christmas compilation disc. During live play, Dave usually quotes a line from The Beatles' "All You Need is Love" and "Can't Buy Me Love".
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Cigarette Lit (Lyrics)
This song remains unreleased. This is a B-side taken from "Some Devil"In a Guitar World interview, Dave is quoted as saying, "With Some Devil, there was one song we axed called "Cigarette Lit," which despite being a great song didn't end up on the album because it was slightly oversized; it's chest was a little too full compared to everything else. When I rejected it, I asked myself, 'Am I being a moron?' Now, I'm happy with that decision. Sometimes you have to let things be what they are."
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Crazy (Lyrics)
This song debuted in 1996 and was played during Dave & Tim shows throughout 1997. This song was later reworked into the song "Captain" during the 2000 "Lillywhite Sessions". but later released on the album "Busted Stuff".
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