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Dancing Nancies (Lyrics)
This simple yet profound number featuring a violin-led climax has been around since the beginning. Dave has always used improvised variations on the "Could I have been..." intro, along with a spoken word intro. It was recorded for "Under The Table and Dreaming" and was in the top five most played songs consecutively from the summer of 1994 all the way through to 1996. Since then, it has steadly dropped off in number of appearances each tour, only to appear twice in 1999, and once in 2001. Demand by the crowd for the re-establishment of the tune was met during the Summer 2002 tour as it again became a staple of the set. - dmbalmanac
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Deed Is Done (Lyrics)
It has been said that this song was inspired from a young female fan, "Emily", who was terminally stricken with leukemia. As the story goes, her last request was to meet Dave Matthews in person, and after visiting her, he was inspired to write "Deed is Done". The song was recorded in Fall of 1995 for the "Crash" album, and was not a "road-tested" tune. It and three other songs recorded ("Help Myself," "Little Thing," and Boyd Tinsley's "True Reflections") were chosen to not be included in the album's line-up. "Deed is Done" was first played during a Dave and Tim live soundcheck for the 9.24.95 show. Has only been played twice by the full band twice. The song took its most popular form as a passionate Dave and Tim song where Tim could add his manic sounds to the mood of the song and where Dave has occasionally quoted lines from The Who's "Pinball Wizard". With the release of Before These Crowded Streets in April of 1998, fans heard the "Deed is Done" riff towards the end of the thirty-second jam following "Pig" on the album. - dmbalmanac
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Digging A Ditch (Lyrics)
This song debuted on the '99 Dave and Tim tour as a solemn number to become the 2nd most played encore song for that tour. It was finally reworked in the Lillywhite Studio sessions to contain more instrumental parts for the full band. During the live roadtesting of the Summer 2000 tour. This song was later released on "Busted Stuff".
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